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The Breconshire Local & Family History Society (BLFHS) was established in June 2011 to enhance, encourage and enable the study of local history and family history in the mid-Wales county of Breconshire.

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Imminent Changes to the BLFHS Website

The BLFHS website is about to undergo a major upgrade. Although the website will still be accessible to visitors and members, we will not be updating or modifying the website in any way while the upgrade is in progress. The upgrading process will commence on 30 April 2017, so from that date onwards the website will remain in a "frozen" (unchanged) state until the upgrade is completed, hopefully by the middle of the summer.

You can read about the reasons for and background to these changes on our NOTICEBOARD.

NOTE: Our website is developing rapidly:
our NEWS page provides details of the latest developments and additions,
our NOTICEBOARD displays announcements and forthcoming events.
Updated 10 April 2017