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Follow the links below to view and/or download the transcriptions as PDF documents and/or as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The PDF versions can be printed on A4 paper, although the text may be quite small.

CAUTION – It is always advisable to verify transcribed data by studying either the original documents, or facsimile images of the original documents. Microfilms of the records may be viewed at the National Library of Wales (Aberystwyth) and the Powys Archives (Llandrindod Wells).

pdf.png Llanafanfawr Burials 1708 - 1911     Size: 178.74 KB
pdf.png Llanafanfawr Marriages 1708 - 1911     Size: 95.89 KB
pdf.png Llanfanfawr Licenses 1723 -1741     Size: 11.9 KB
pdf.png Llanafanfawr Banns 1708 - 1840     Size: 39.15 KB
pdf.png Llanafanfawr Baptisms 1708 - 1911     Size: 216.52 KB